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Historic building

Two bedrooms house with panoramic terrace on  Molise hills, habitable with great potential.

Sea view house

Country house by the sea, walking distance, with nice outside solarium in Abruzzo.

Characteristic stone house

Stone town house, habitable with character basement and vegetable garden in Molise.

Renovated country house with outbuilding in Molise – Trivento

Stone house with garage and with original period floors for sale in Molise

Country house with high tech and modern style and inside swimming pool

360-degree home tours with video chat

Exclusive Property is ready to offer a new service to allow the clients to do not lose the opportunity to choose their place in the sun in Abruzzo and Molise.

How does it work?

Please book your virtual property viewing with a phone call or an email; we will send you a form to sign and ask a price of euro 50 that will be refund in case the property will be bought by yourself in one year. Instead making physical visit we will reach the property for you and via WhatApp or facebook Messanger you can see all the aspect of the house, each details, asking question and make everything you would like to do personally. We will provide a complete service to allow you to visit the house.


Why do I need a real estate agent?

The real estate agent focus on how buying and selling properties, it is our job and we have been doing it for years. You can take all the stress off about the purchasing. The process in a foreign country is different than yours and bureaucracy could be not easy also for a not professional, so the best solution is to charge e real estate agency.

How long will it take to buy a property?

This depends from the type of the house, as each house history is different. Usually takes from 6 to 8 times but could take longer or could be agreed also for seller’s and buyers exigences.

Do I need a home inspection?

Home inspections can be required before starting the buying process, but could be avoid in case the house has clearly good structure and roof. The survey can be required using a surveyor you can select by yourselves or asking to us. The cost is usually around 300 euro to pay directly to the surveyor.

Do I need a down payment to buy a house?

Yes it’s necessary to pay a down payment. There is no law regarding this, and so not fixed percentage. It’s usually an amount strsting from 3.000 euro and up according to the sale price of the house (more expensive is, more higher will be the deposit).

What is the buying process like?

Before proceeding with the purchase you need to make a tax code or “codice fiscale”, that is a like a social security number used for signing contracts, getting paid and opening accounts in Italy. Many website said that it’s necessary open a bank account in Italy:  NO, IT’S NOT NECESSARY, you could easily make once the final deed is done. Exclusive Property will assist you for both case without further charges. The Agency will collect all the necessary documents related to the property as: cadastral maps, title deeds, registered mortgages and any other required legal information. To make the deal becomes binding for both parties the next step is making a preliminary agreement or a compromesso with which the seller and the buyer engage themselves to sell and buy the property. In the contract, there are details about the parties, he sale price, the amount of the deposit, the completion date and details referring the property.  When the preliminary agreement is signed, it’s necessary, according to the law, record it to the Income Revenue Authority. The next step is the payment of a deposit, that consists in a percentage of the whole price of the property. According to art. 1385 of the Italian Civil Code, if the vendor decides not to sell the property after having signed the preliminary sale contract and collected the deposit, he must pay the purchasing party back twice the sum received. In Italy therefore it is highly unlikely that a vendor will contemplate paying back double the sum by changing his mind after the preliminary contract has been signed.

Closing usually takes six to eight weeks. The notaio or notary public has the responsibility of performing due diligence and he acts for both parties.

The Notary Public is not the same as a British solicitor. Here in Italy he must only guarantee that the deed is legal, that the house is in order and that the payment is made in a legal manner. The final deed is a legal document drawn up by the Notary, the formal handover of the property will take place by signing the deed and paying the remaining amount in front of the Notary. It can also be done through a special proxy if the buyer cannot be present. When you own the property you need to transfer under your name the utilities as water, electricity. Also in this case we will assist you without any added charges. To make some renovation we can help you too; we offer an advice-only consultancy service. If you need a full consultation and quote, we have a number of trusted contractors experienced in dealing with residential properties of all sizes, types, ages and conditions, to help you find the perfect solution which is the best for your needs.

The power of attorney can be used for many purpose, one of this is to buy or sell Italian property. A Power of Attorney (POA) is document which allows an individual (the “principal”) to grant another person (a trusted person) the power to act on his or her behalf and represent him or her legally.

It is used in the case you are in the process of purchasing a property in Italy, but do not have time or in case of pandemic, the chance to travel to Italy to make the formalities. It’s often used even if you can be present to make the final deed, this applies when the principal does not speak Italian and his/her signature is required in front of an Italian notary public. More specifically, when a non-Italian speaking party is involved in person in a notarial deed (such as a property transaction), the law requires such deed to be drawn up in two languages, i.e., in Italian and in a language understood by the non-Italian speaking party. Also, the law requires that an interpreter is present for the entire duration of the meeting.

The POA is in Italian and in the language of the principal.

A power of attorney can be signed abroad in your country. It’s enough to sign it in front of any foreign Public Notary or a solicitor there who speaks Italian too, who will authenticate the signature. After this, an Apostille is necessary to complete the POA made abroad. The Apostille is an official certification authenticated by the Competent Authorities designated by the State. Each State has a different Authority which issue the Apostille, the consulate or the embassy, National Apostille office, Government office or Tribunal.

What if my offer is rejected?

Sellers can flat-out accept or reject an initial offer. But is quite common, sellers can initiate a counteroffer. Remember this: a deal isn’t dead until it’s dead.

Are real estate prices negotiable?

Yes, sales price are  often negotiable. But remember drop a price could be offensive and a cheap sale price could indicate that the sale price is firm.

Characteristic house renovated in a rustic style for sale in Casalbordino

Habitable country house with land for pool for sale in Italy – Molise

The home of your dreams can finally become a reality!

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