Abruzzo and Molise are two similar regions located in Center – South Italy. Could be compared  to Tuscany that as everyone knows is more expensive and touristic (with monuments, palazzi, and cobbled streets, if you visited without knowing the region, you might think you were in Tuscany), but also Abruzzo and Molise present stunning views of different sceneries that go from the Adriatic Sea to the Majella or Matese mountain, gentle hills, uncontaminated lakes and nature; and  these regions, even if still partially undiscovered, offer charming neighborhoods and rich cultural history.

Along with its natural beauty, Abruzzo and especially Molise are also an affordable place to live. The cost of living here is lower than many other cities in Italy, making the area an attractive option for expats and locals alike. Rent, groceries, and dining out are all more affordable here than in bigger cities like Rome or Milan.

For example eat in these regions is cheaper and healthier as most of the food is produced locally.

The climate is mild enough to go without heating or cooling for most of the year, so you’ll likely use air conditioning or heating for at least a few months a year. One upside is that most homes come with at least one fireplace that can help heat the house and many have wood-burning ovens built into the kitchens, that make a house cozy and characteristic.

Mostly in summer but also in winter there are free entertainment events that are mostly free, as local festival, free concerts, typical street market sometimes focused on  antiques, and religious procession. The nature beauty are free like the national parks  (more than a third of the region is protected as park land) that offer an abundance of outdoors sports and activities, so you can indulge in hiking, skiing, mountain biking, climbing, or paragliding in the many mountain zones; and the beach (Abruzzo boasts 80 miles of coastline, with sandy expanses and some lovely coves where the hills meet the sea). There are also plenty of churches adorned with excellent artwork, and museums scattered in nearly every sizable town; and even the theater shows aren’t pricey.  

Finding good deals is very easy and the market of second homes here is continuously increasing. You can choose a property in the heart of the Apennines or close to the Adriatic Sea, or on a hill overlooking both of them.

Of course, the lowest prices are in small villages but even many of those have castles and monuments, everyday services and offer access to larger towns. A few examples:

Four bedrooms three bathroom stone house € 70.000

Ref. 23296

Three bedrooms village house € 38.000

Ref. 22757

Country house with garage for € 90.000

Ref. 22686

Cost of living and prices (prices are update July 2023 – other are roughly)

Meal in Inexpensive Restaurant – a person

€ 15

Pizza and beer for two

€ 20

Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course

€ 60


€ 5


€ 1,70

Movie tickets

€ 7/10


A day at the beach, with a colorful umbrella and lounge chairs

€ 15

Get a haircut and style

€ 25

A bus ticket from Rome

€ 20/30

One way bus ticket local

€ 1,50

Fitness club

€ 50

UTILITIES Month average cost

Electricity € 60

Water € 30

Gas € 50

Internet € 30

Pellet € 10 for a bag

Wood € 150 per ton