Bagnoli del Trigno dominates the entire valley and is located on a rocky massif, “La preta” overlooking the wide valley of the Trigno river, both towards Vasto as to Isernia, stand fascinating between the rich vegetation, catching, with the eye, the bell tower of San Silvestro placed on a rocky peak, the church with the same name, wedged between it and the castle that stands proudly on its top. The landscape that presents itself is so picturesque that many call “fairyland”, while Mommsen, anciently, appealed  it as “the Pearl of Molise”. The fantastic village sits 660 mt above the sea level   in the lower part and  783 mt in the highest; the two altitudes of the town leading to its “split” into two distinct areas: “Earth below” and ” Earth above.”

Bagnoli del Trigno Pearl of Molise


Bagnoli del Trigno

Photo taken by Domenicangelo Filacchione

The town is dominated by the Lombard castle, belonged to  Sanfelice family. After a stop in Piazza Olmo, you can enter in the alleys of the village, exploring the old town, climb up to the ancient church of San Silvestro wedged between two rock walls, flanked by the imposing bell tower built on the rock. The entrance of the church has a Romanesque-Gothic portal. The interior has three naves, divided by massive quadrangular pillars. Outside the village you can see the rural churches of St. Michael and Valle Bruna.

Bagnoli del Trigno by night


bagnoli-del-trigno-isernia Photo taken by Domenicangelo Filacchione

central Square (1)

Photo taken by Domenicangelo Filacchione

Bagnoli del Trigno olmo square

Photo taken by Domenicangelo Filacchione

Castle-of- Bagnoli del Trigno

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The entrance is located on the side corresponding to the right aisle of the church. This is reached through the narrow streets of the old town and after a steep staircase.


Photo taken by Domenicangelo Filacchione

Bagnoli del Trigno interno church San Silvestro

Photo taken by Domenicangelo Filacchione

Bagnoli del Trigno San Silvestro church

Photo taken by Domenicangelo Filacchione

church Bagnoli del Trigno San Silvestro

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Photo taken by Domenicangelo Filacchione

Bagnoli del Trigno San silvestro

Photo taken by Domenicangelo Filacchione

The portal is made of stone and is enriched by three narrow columns at tortiglioni joined together by a single capital, in the central part of which is carved the image of a human face.

Bagnoli church (1)


The architrave is on the columns, and on it is carved in bas-relief, a cross. The bezel of the portal is embellished with a floral frame which ends with the sculpture of a human face to the left and of an amphora on the right.


During the Christmas season takes place, even in Bagnoli, the procession of the “ndocce”, huge burning torches that are made at night, making the show even more impressive, and  that are extinguished  with new wine tapped from the barrel, in tribute to an ancient rite of good omen for the crops. At Carnival, however, every year, it begins the parade of the “Month”, with chariots and songs. But the calendar of events become richer during the spring and summer; it begins with the feast of St. Michael on May 8th, then there is that of Our Lady of Miracles June 16th, then the Festival of San Vitale August 20th, Anthony 21st and the Madonna of Fatima on August 27th and then finish the season with the Lady of Vallebruna 8th September and the feast of St. Emidio October 9th. It is not enough: August 18th there is the Palio di Santa Caterina, began in the afternoon of August 18th, when the village returns magically at the end of the eighteenth century: the Duke opens the parade with the nobles and the authorities. Meanwhile, in the narrow streets of the village are set up dining for the food tasting of typical products of Bagnoli like Scattone (pasta drowned in the wine), sagne with beans… Anyone can buy and taste them, but only after changed  euro in “ducats”, the currency of the recalled time. Meanwhile, the choreography of the party will go back to two ancient legends. The first says that, on the feast of St. Catherine, after midnight from the castle come the fairies and who sees them can have a wish achieved. The second, however, recalls the story of a young husband who goes out to serenade to his beautiful: she appears on the balcony and then descends to embrace his love, but there comes the duke who claims his “first nigh right” on the girl. But the people disagree: is tired of injustice, thus killing the duke and then heads en masse to the castle to burn it. It is the most extraordinary moment of the festival: a blaze of fireworks seems really cloak of fire castle. An unforgettable spectacle. To enjoy all with the nose up. On August 24th, the feast of Mickey Mouse for children.

bagnoli del trigno n'docciata

ndocciata-village-bagoli del trigno

n'docce bagnoli del trigno village

ndocce-bagnoli del trigno

Discovering in this way the most unusual and interesting aspects of this small town of about 800 inhabitants. The goal is to enhance the typical beauty of Molise, allowing everyone to know its charms, often enclosed in smaller and hidden towns, rich in charm and history.

Bagnoli del Trigno

Photo taken by Domenicangelo Filacchione

bagnoli-del-trigno city

Photo taken by Domenicangelo Filacchione

panorama chiesa San Silvestro Bagnoli del Trigno

Photo taken by Domenicangelo Filacchione

Bagnoli del Trigno -panorama sera da sotto monte San Pietro

Photo taken by Domenicangelo Filacchione

Who arrives  in Molise among these craggy cliffs, eye fixed on the green of the ancient woods, fells sometimes something primitive, ecstatic and furious, that brings it back to the sense of the earth.


Photo taken by Domenicangelo Filacchione

The tiny villages of Molise tenaciously clinging on cliffs offer visitors a slow and natural pace, witnesses of lifestyles disappeared almost everywhere: the voices of the neighborhood, the noise of the locked streets, the unfolding of the uncertain days of rain, the artisan construction of the newspaper , the empty squares of the sunny afternoons. Near Bagnoli, numerous country paths and trails of natural interest that allow sports and relaxing outdoors.

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