These comfits are produced only in the old Peligno town of Sulmona, in the Province of L’Aquila.

The typical Sulmona comfits is composed of a nucleus, “the core”, which is a whole, shelled and peeled almond, coated by layers of sugar built up by a series of dippings.

comfits-coreThe core may also use other ingredients (hazelnut, cinnamon, chocolate, candied peel, pistachio, dried fruit), covered by layers of sugar and/or chocolate.


The comfits are different shapes and sizes, depending on what is used for the core, just as the coating may be smooth or rough.

almonds-shapeMandorleSulmona Comfits

The almonds are carefully selected, peeled to remove any residue of seed integument, then checked for humidity, which is removed if need be by drying in special rooms and/or cabinet driers.


The almonds are then coated in liquid or powder gum Arabic, using preferably copper or steel pans, followed by another coating, this time of powdered rice starch, again preferably in copper or steel pans. Now the sugaring can take place, coating the product with layers of sugar in pans that have been properly heated, proceeding to alternating phases of wetting and drying, in order to achieve the required thickness. The dippings are a syrup comprising extra fine sugar and water, boiled to various thicknesses. The comfits must be dried on wooden frames, supported by suitable absorbent materials. Finally the comfits are packed and stored in cool, dry premises.