Fireplace heating systems and wood burning boilers can power radiators throughout the home and produce domestic hot water thanks to appropriate kits.

The fireplace heating systems and wood burning boilers can also be connected to an existing central heating plant.

Fireplace heating systems
The fireplace heating systems and their coverings are ideal for anyone wanting to heat the home while using an object of design that elegantly furnishes all rooms, from modern to rustic to classical thanks to the many coverings available. While creating the atmosphere the fireplace heating systems offer high heating efficiency, savings of up to 40% on heating costs and lower emissions into the environment. They can also be used for cooking and can also function coupled to traditional gas boilers.

• Thick steel structure
• Semi-circular firebox to obtain efficient and uniform heat exchange with the water
• Combustion product automatic by-pass command
• 800°C heat shock resistant glass ceramics
• Combustion agent air adjustment gate valve
• Attachment for spit-roast


The fireplace must e mounted with open vessel.

The water in the radiators circuit heats up, circulating in the heat exchanger pipe (A) and in the gap (B) that brushes against the entire semi-circular wall of the firebox.
The gap is realised with thick sheet steel.

Automatic combustion product by-pass
In the ignition phase, with vent open in order to ease the start of combustion, the combustion product gate valve (C) stays open in a way that the combustion products can reach the flue (D) directly and easily. When combustion is taking place, by closing the door the combustion products gate valve (C) also automatically closes. In this set-up, the combustion products are diverted before reaching the flue in a way to flow over and give up heat to the gap (B) and the heat exchanger pipe (A).

(e) heat isolation on the roof (customer’s responsibility)

(f) gate valve in closed position

(g) glass ceramic resistant to 800°C


• robotised welding procedure certified according to ISO 9001.

• particular guides that allow the door to slide smoothly and silently

• counter-weights for correct door balance

• Ergonomic anti-burn handle

• adjustable feet (optional)

• spit-roast attachment

• section on the firebox edge for connection with the edge of the coverings

• spit-roast (optional)

• wooden handle (optional)

• external air intake mechanism (optional)