Build a pool…what a dream to have a pool of design for himself, do not you think? Indeed it is one of the greatest desires of the fans of good living, wellness lovers and above all privacy. Because having to go to the beach to bathe along with many strangers when you can enjoy a bit of tranquility within their residence? In addition, a pool, especially if it is only particular, gives the house a touch of class, exclusivity by celebrities.

How to install and build a pool in your dream home in Abruzzo and Molise

But there are pools to achieve all kinds: what are the most beautiful? Square, round, profiles of all kinds, and then finished with natural or artificial materials, colored and even decorated. In short, there will be spoiled for choice!

Photo Mila Caserio

Photo Mila Caserio

Photo Mila Caserio

Photo Mila Caserio

Topic of great discussion is always relative to the permission to build a swimming pool, whether underground, semi-underground. The argument is, unfortunately, very full and varied. We say unfortunately because for what concerns the pool for private use, there was an agreement that the region is implemented in different ways, and with different times, from every region.

trail building

Having said that building a pool is easier than it seems. In fact, compared to the past now just a simple DIA (declaration of activity beginning) or SCIA (certified signaling of works) this document is needed if you are going to renovate with works of maintenance and overcoming barriers without altering the shape of the property. An example renovate a bathroom.

It’s always best to seek the advice of a surveyor, because the type of permit is also related to the size of the pool. If the pool has a volume that is more than 20% of the size of the house, it is necessary to apply for a construction project. Otherwise, if the volume of the pool is less than 20% of the volume of the building SCIA is more than enough.


First of all, when choosing the pool of your dreams you have to consider the measures. Once discharged, you can safely proceed to the best choice for you. The best known are rectangular ones, which can be skimmer, offer a substantial savings: This device allows to avoid the realization of the compensation tank and the installation of expensive devices for the recovery of the water level. It also avoids the expense of the grid perimeter and the aesthetic result is not, however, compromised: the skimmers therefore are excellent for those who want a filtration plant simple, inexpensive, and however efficient. Indeed, even the UNI 10637 involves the use of skimmer for swimming facilities for public use, provided that the pool does not exceed certain size and the number of skimmers is proportionate to the water.


A infinity is the system to clean the surface of the water more effective and efficient there is. It is also the one that has the best aesthetic results. The technique consists of squeeze out, the water, in order to have: the level that coincides flush with the surrounding floor, and the water surface perfectly clean. In fact everything that floats, such as leaves, insects, etc. inexorably overflows with the water itself. This is achieved by entering into the pool more water than it can hold. As can be seen in this photo, along the edge of the pool is a grid which collects the water introduced in excess and the door in a special bath commonly called the compensation tank. This tank is not visible to the common bathers, because suitably housed below the paving and hidden from view. The compensation tank has the task of collecting the excess water entered and to compensate, due to its capacity, volumes of water equal to the volume of each person who enters into the pool. It is clear how such a system, if from the side favors a better cleaning of the surface and makes it very aesthetically and, on the other hand has a cost much higher compared to a swimming pool skimmer.


Infinity pools are called and give the impression of endless mingling with the horizon and the sea ..



Then it’s time to select the shape. As anticipated, rectangular ones are the most popular because they exploit every little space well, but if you love other forms nobody will stop you from achieving them. Or simply bet on the round or oval. You can even include, in your swimming pool, a hot tub area and a small hot tub.



swimming- butterfly

round pool

The materials used are many, but what really matters to the security and that the surfaces of the pool are slip-resistant and resistant to frost.


To make your pool water can then choose materials like granite, porphyry, teakwood.


wood pool-teak

To give a very special touch to your pool design can choose to decorate the surfaces or the bottom of the tank.

In this case many opt for a string of colored mosaic in contrast, often blue or mosaic designs ever to be realized on the bottom of the pools.


Another dramatic effect is that of light, that can change using the low-consumption LEDs, the change of tone, especially at night, will favor the color therapy.




Solutions there are very many: swimming outdoors, but also indoors, and even those who enjoy a wonderful view of the sea.





    You only have to choose … and relax!