Italy is famous, among other things, for the coffee. There is always an occasion to take a coffee in Italy: for breakfast, to make a break during the morning, after lunch or just because you need to wake up during the day. 

Let’s have a coffee in Italy


The ways of taking coffee are many, and it’s considered also an art. Also for Italians can be a surprise in some hidden street in little village, taste a cappuccino; rich of cream and warm enough to heat up.
Mornings in Italy always begin at the bar or cafè.  Drinking an espresso is a ritual, not only at breakfast, but anytime in-between. Cafès or bars are not only a spot for drinking & eating, but also for socializing. You can choose among different kind of coffee:



The basic and most popular coffee served in Italy.  It is served in a little cup and has a creamy chocolate-like layer of foam. An espresso is strong, dark and never bitter.  Espresso can be ordered long or short.



Italian cappuccino is an espresso topped with milk cream, a thick froth of steamed milk, and cappuccinos are sprinkled with cocoa.  Italians drink cappuccinos for breakfast and never after 11am.  But ask any barista, and he will be happy to make you a cappuccino any time of day.

Caffé Macchiato


The caffè macchiato is an espresso topped with a dollop of steamed milk.  Macchiato literally translates to stained, hence, coffee with a spot of milk.  A caffè macchiato is perfect for those who like a little cream with their coffee or to lighten an espresso if you already take too much. Then there is milk with a spot of coffee: latte macchiato: a glass of milk with a shot of espresso.



Is similar to Cappuccino, but without foam and served in a glass.

Caffè Americano


Despite its name, the American coffee is not long, drip-brewed coffee as served in America, but is an espresso served in a cup with hot water added.

Caffè Marocchino


A caffè Marocchino is an espresso that is served in a little glass not a cup, sprinkled with chocolate powder and then topped with steamed milk.  It literally translates to Morroccan coffee, but it is not.

Caffè Corretto


An espresso with a splash of grappa, Italian liquor made from grapes, or with other liquors like Sambuca and other. Other type of coffee are: orzo (barley) or ginseng coffee, shaker with ice and a splash of whisky cream for summer, caffè alla valdostana: coffee enjoyed in Val d’Aosta region with some liquors, sugar and orange peels, for the winter.