Abruzzo is a charming region in central Italy, stretching from the heart of the Apennines to the Adriatic Sea.


Of incomparable beauty, scenic landscapes, rich cultural and historical traditions, where properties for sale have always been very interesting for non Italian home buyers for several reasons as the very affordable prices.


Market of Abruzzo’s low cost properties, find your dream home





The Adriatic coastline is characterized by long and sandy beaches to the north and pebbly beaches to the south, while all area is rich of castles, convents, Trabocchi (literally Overflow): spider-legged platforms made of wood used for fishing now some converted in restaurant and wild natural scenery.




The sense of space in Abruzzo is huge, but you’re unlikely to feel isolated from humanity. In the tiny villages and charming small towns, the sense of community is strong.


santo stefano di sassanio




You will be embraced into the fold in no time, and treated with particular warmth and care as a newcomer. Abruzzo’s food and wine are great, the climate’s good, and the region reportedly has one of the lowest crime rates in all of Italy.




Finding good deals is very easy and the market of second homes here is continuously increasing. You can choose a property in the heart of the Apennines or close to the Adriatic Sea, or on a hill overlooking both of them. This is definitely the best time to purchase your dream home in Abruzzo!




So what you are waiting for? Choose your dream home, among country houses, town houses and properties situated in the most suggestive locations. Invest now in Abruzzo. Whether you’re searching for your new home or thinking about your next investment in Abruzzo, we have thousand solution for different exigencies.

As for the other regions, close to the coast the price are higher, because the coastal zone is more populated and developed than the countryside, but anyway less expensive than other part of Italy. Buying in Abruzzo is a great investment since you can even rent the property during summer when many tourists reach the coast to spend their holidays.