…a lovely and tasty little cake!

These lovely cakes have the form of little muffins but they aren’t. The Bocconotto is a graceful pastry of shortcrust stuffed with delicious jam, chocolate and minced almonds. This is a typical product of the province of Teramo (AQ) and they never missed on grandparent’s table during the Christmas season.




For the dough

• 300gr. flour “00”
• 120gr. sugar
• 2 eggs
• 60gr. oil
• The grated peel of a biological lemon
• A little spoon of barm for pastries
• A bit of salt

For the stuffing:

• Jam of grapes
• Minced and roasted almonds
• Dark chocolate minced
• Rum

Prepare the dough working with a fork on a dough tray. Form a fountain of flour, put eggs, the sugar and the barm in the centre of the flour. Now add oil, the peel and the salt. Knead it to a ball and let it one hour in the fridge. In the meantime prepare the stuffing by mixing jam, chocolate and almonds. Add also some little spoons of rum. Take again the dough and unreel it on the dough tray making then fill out the form. Once you finished, put the stuffing in each form and cover them with dough. Put them in the pre-heated oven at 180° for 20 or 25 minutes. Once baked the Bocconotti, let them cool down and then dredge them with icing sugar.