The Vomano Valley extends its territory in the northern part of  Abruzzo region along the winding path of the river Vomano; river  long 76 km and almost entirely included in the province of Teramo while its catchment area covers a total area of 764 square kilometers and bordered to the left by  Tordino river.

The tour of the seven Churches – The Seven Sisters Madonna – Vomano Valley, Teramo, Abruzzo





The valley lies in the most upstream in the vast territory of the National Park of Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga, and is surrounded on the left side of the valley from the Monti della Laga, on the right side of the Gran Sasso massif, while the most downstream (east) in the Adriatic Sea.






The pastoral and peasant tradition has instilled in the worship of the 7 Sisters Madonnas popular beliefs and the astronomical knowledge related to agricultural cycles. Here was born the legend of the 7 Sisters Madonnas and churches dedicated to them built in the sixteenth century.

Church of SS. Annunziata (called S. Antonio abate)


Over the centuries the church, dedicated to St. Anthony Abbot and later dedicated to SS. Annunziata, has undergone several changes and rearrangements, the latest of which dates back to the eighteenth century.

Church of Santa Maria Reparata


It was built by John the Baptist John from Milan (1704-1741). Inside there is a wooden ciborium with twisted columns, previously placed over the high altar of the Cathedral. It’s a job by Charles Riccioni (who worked for about thirteen 1677-1690) and has clear similarities with the bronze of St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican (the Riccioni was in fact a pupil of Lorenzo Bernini).

Church of Madonna of Tibia in Crognaleto





Fresco inside the church Abruzzo


Legend tells that the church was erected in 1617 by the grace received, by a wealthy cattle dealer of amateur who fell from a horse and fractured a tibia, implored the help of the Virgin Mary for his return to home. On August 17 of each year, at night, by torchlight there is the traditional pilgrimage on foot from the village of Crognaleto to the cave church.

Church of the Madonna del Carmine in Frattoli of Crognaleto




The building was built around s the end of the nineteenth century by expanding existing classroom dating back to the seventeenth century. Subsequently, the oldest classroom, the rear has collapsed, leaving standing only the nineteenth century on which  there is a statue of the Madonna del Carmine.

Church of Madonna of Sgrima


It lies on the Hill of Sgrima, hence the name, along the ancient transhumance. It is a historic place of Marian devotion, the Sanctuary of Our Lady of tears, of which there are traces since 1324, although the building we see today has been restored in the sixteenth century.

Church of Madonna of Calvario and the Church of Santa Maria Apparente



Santa Maria Apparente dates back to 1300 and was built by a French soldier as a thanks for being rescued after being wounded and abandoned in those places.