Wedding traditions in Abruzzo and Molise

Things which bring luck

The tradition wants the bride to bring five things at the wedding day:

-something borrowed
-something donated
-something blue
-something old
-something new

The wedding rings

The tradition to wear the ring on the left hand comes from an ancient Egyptian tradition. They thought having found a vein connecting the ring finger of the left hand directly to the heart. So they thought that through this vein would flow feelings and therefore it would mean to assure the fidelity once wearing the ring. The tradition wants the bridegroom to pay the rings but usually the witnesses pay for it. The ring bearer (mostly children) will bring the rings to the altar for the benediction.


The wedding dress

The wedding dress will be paid by the parents of the bride.


The confection

For the day of the wedding everyone will receive a little bag made of lace within 5 confections as it means:

-long life


The tradition wants them in crystal, argent, Limoges but most important it has to be the same for all guests.

The rice

The rice has to be thrown once the bridal pair comes out of the Church for the fertility.

The bouquet

The bouquet has to be paid by the fiancé and has to be delivered in the morning of the wedding day by a member of his family. Sure she chooses the bouquet to buy as it has to match to her wedding dress. In the evening she will throw it and the bachelor girl who will catch will marry within one year.

Wedding biscuits

The wedding biscuits are to be prepared one month before the wedding date. The biscuits will be packed to 500gr packets with some chocolate candy. These packets will be brought to all invitees which will receive one per family.

The serenade

Two or three day before the wedding date, the fiancé will serenade the bride. He will come with his whole family and all his friends accompanied by music. The fiancé will sing under the window of his bride asking her to come out and to become soon his wife. Once she appears, the fiancé will climb the ladder and bring her a bouquet of red roses. After that they came down together and will open the buffet.